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Each book follows the story of a different couple from or related to the village of Appleby. All stories are standalone and end in a happy ever after.

Never Too Late Book

Molly & Jake

Appleby Book 1

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Only You Book

Lilayni & Damon

Appleby Book 2

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Love is Purple

Sophie & Marc

Appleby Book 3

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A Christmas Secret

Anna & Richard

Appleby Book 4

December 2017

Apple Blossom Kisses

Kitty & Thomas

Appleby Book 5

Spring 2018

Christof’s and Fritz’s stories from ‘Love Is Purple’ (Appleby Book 3). Both books are standalone and end in a happy ever after.

Montria Royals Book 1

Christof & Antonia

Montria Royals Book 1


Montria Royals Book 2

Fritz & Amara

Montria Royals Book 2


Each book features a separate couple with a happy ever after to the romance. However, all four books are best read in order for the overall story.

Ash Demon Born

Ash & Melanie

Demon Born Book 1


Chase Demon Born

Chase & Holly

Demon Born Book 2


Dante Demon Born

Dante & Naomi

Demon Born Book 3


Scythe Demon Born

Ethan & Rhea

Demon Born Book 4


Each book is a unique story with different characters, settings and story lines. All stories are standalone and end in a happy ever after.

Be Mine Book

Aurora & Nathan

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Love Express Book

Moira & Darren

Christmas Special

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Be Mine Book

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In a mood to enjoy a heartwarming but steamy second-chance romance?

Be Mine is a full-length contemporary story about London billionaire Nathan and sweet seamstress Aurora.

Sweet happy ever after. No cliff hanger 🙂

Five StarsHas a fantastic storyline with awesome characters. Love this scorching hot,sweet,touching and exciting Romance!.(Amazon U.S. August 31, 2016)

Five StarsA great little romance. I loved the tension mixed in with the lighter parts. Overall a good easy light read, steamy in places, with a lovely sweet emotional ending.(Kobo, August 10, 2016)

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