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Rather than ramble my way across all this white space, I’ve taken the easy route and answered some common questions I’ve been asked. Hopefully this will help you piece together a quick picture of me.

And here’s a cupcake for you while you read. 🙂

Alyssia Leon About

What’s your background?

I’m British. I grew up in the UK, and I still live here.

***Ooh, I’m going to ramble a bit here because I absolutely love the UK 🙂

It’s a magical place, though I may be biased. But if you haven’t visited the UK, then I can only describe it as a place where enchantment lurks in ancient forests, and fairy circles abound in wild green fields. There’s a glimpse of old in nearly every road and building, no matter how modern. What you’re seeing is long-ago history that delights in sneaking up on you and surprising you. Often it’s charming. Sometimes it’s even funny. Once or twice, heart-rending.

So that’s the UK. At least, that’s how I see it. And that’s how it tends to show itself in my stories.

Why romance?

I write romance because story for me is all about relationships.

I enjoy writing about people, and a big part of that is the relationships they share. Now, when it comes to relationships, nothing beats ‘falling in love’. It’s just so intense in every way—happiness and sadness all rolled into one messy package. It’s always wonderful to read about. Wonderful to write about too. And that’s why I make ‘falling in love’ the heart of my stories.

The other reason I write romance is because I love a happy ever after ending, and romance does that very well.

Which is your favourite romance?

Pride and Prejudice, no competition.

Oh, Mr Darcy… He’s never been beat in my eyes (swoon!).

Who are your favourite authors?

They haven’t changed much since my younger years. Diana Wynne Jones, Eva Ibbotson, Terry Pratchett, Roald Dahl, Kenneth Grahame (Wind in the Willows) and many others whose depth and range of imagination continue to blow me away.

Where do you find your ideas?

I really can’t pinpoint it. Stories can be triggered by something as short as a word or as long as a life. But once my mind latches onto an idea, I get no peace until I write it down and give it shape.

How long does it take you to write a book?

It varies with the complexity of the story (my stories tend to have mystery, lots of action, and intense family dynamics rolled in), but typically it takes me three to four months to complete a book.

I also work on just one story* at a time because I’m a bit of an immersive writer who loses herself in her world and characters. This isn’t as romantic as it sounds. Just ask my family and friends who spend most days exasperated with my obliviousness. So yeah, I plod along with one book until it’s finished before starting the next one.

* I’ve been experimenting with this lately and trying to work on TWO stories at once. Oh, yeah… I’m a daredevil! Really pushing the envelope. Got to live on the wild side, don’t you know 😀

Do you ever worry you’ll run out of ideas?

No. Refer to Chibi below.

Who on earth is Chibi?

Meet Chibi Cat, my muse. He was born and bred in Taiwan (courtesy of my brother who used to live there), but now Chibi lives with me. He’s my ideas magnet (that is, when he’s not being a dust magnet).

Chibi Cat

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