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Alyssia Leon About
About my fiction

Story for me is all about people and their relationships, and when it comes to relationships nothing beats “falling in love”.

So I write romantic fiction.

It could be contemporary. It could be fantasy. But it is always romance. It might also get a tad steamy at times.

Also, romance lets me indulge my other favourite aspect of fiction – a happy-ever-after ending.

About me

I’m British. I grew up in the UK, and I still live here.

You’ll find more than a little flavour of England in my stories, especially the green and wild countryside. I love the beauty of the rolling hills, the glimpse of old in nearly every stone building, and the sense of myth and magic that cloaks the ancient forests. Living here, it’s easy to feel in touch with an enchantment that goes back centuries. It’s this feeling that I try to recreate in my stories.

But I’m not fully western in my outlook. You might have already guessed. My ethnic heritage is Indian (sari, not feathers), and though I may be less familiar with Indian culture compared to native Indians, it’s in my blood, and you’re likely to glimpse glimmers of it in my stories from time to time.

About Chibi
Chibi? Who on earth is Chibi?

I’m often asked whether I worry about running out of story ideas.

My answer to that is always “No… because of Chibi.”

Meet Chibi cat, my muse:

Chibi Cat

He was born and bred in Taiwan, courtesy of my brother, who used to live there. But now Chibi lives with me. He’s my ideas magnet (…when he’s not being a dust magnet).

So now you know all about me.

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