Merla Working Preview 06

Chapter 06 sneak preview of my current work-in-progress:
Merla – Prequel of the Demon Born Series (paranormal romance).
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What do you get when you whip sugar and gelatin in hot water?

Squishy marshmallows!

I love them! They’re little sugar puffs of delight. But I never knew these yummy treats were originally the medicine of gods and kings.

Way back in Ancient Egypt, marshmallows were made from the boiled root of the mallow plant, which—you guessed it—grows in the marshes. Marshmallows were thought to heal wounds and snuff out pesky sore throats. Now there’s a fantastic excuse for mallowing-up during winter.

And to make them eatable, they were made with added honey with a few nuts thrown in (can’t be making bland food for the royals now, can we?).

So next time you bite into a humble little marshmallow, remember you’re literally eating the food of the gods.


Photo credit: Eleni Koureas

Enjoy the next chapter in Merla’s story 🙂

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Merla Cover

He’s ready to kill her on sight, yet her heart craves him. How can their two worlds ever meet?

Hunted for being born female. Merla Fleetfoot is a werewolf on the run.

All the pack alphas covet her. And the most blood-thirsty of them all—the alpha of the Howler clan—will stop at nothing to have her, including killing her father and brothers. Desperate to keep her family safe, Merla is forced to hide with them in Fairfall forest. But the daemon lord of Fairfall, Renzo Barone, hasn’t taken too kindly to that. His magic is lethal, and if he catches her, he’ll destroy her.

He’s dangerous, but he still fills her dreams, and Merla’s innocent heart is hopelessly lost. Renzo will never want her though. She’s a werewolf, and hence, vermin to him.

Broken-hearted and with the Howlers closing in, Merla’s only choices are to sacrifice herself to the alpha or watch her family die—unless she can somehow convince Renzo she’s more than just a werewolf.

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