If a little green alien were to land in my back garden and ask me ‘What’s the meaning of human life?’, I’d make him a mug of coffee.

It’ll blow his mind, or his noodle, or whatever he thinks with. (Could be a she too, come to think of it.)

But onwards with my coffee…

Because there’s nothing on this green and blue planet that can beat a mug of rich coffee.

Yeah, I know a bunch of you are jumping up and down right now getting your knickers in a twist and screaming ‘CHOCOLATE!’.

But deep down even you know I’m right. Right?

You know you’re in heaven the minute you walk into a room and the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee knocks all your senses to the floor. Since when did a bar of chocolate grab you by the nostrils from a hundred yards and pull you into the nearest Starbucks or whatever trendy cafe you’ve got going on in your country?

Admit it. Chocolate can’t even compete.

And tea… Don’t get me started on tea. It’s like the annoying little cousin who tries to be just like you but can’t get the colour right, let alone the flavour. And herbal tea? That’s just water in Halloween costume.

No. It’s coffee for me every time. From the darkest of the dark espresso with its unapologetic charisma to the creamy, frothy latte that just slides across your tongue.

So I’ll say it.

I’m a coffee addict. And a proud one.

Are you?