‘Tis the season of candy and parties and FIREWORKS!

I love this time of year. It’s only November but Christmas is right around the corner. Can’t you just feel it? Wherever you turn there’s this excited build up to Christmas (my favourite time of year), and it all starts with fireworks in November.

I live in the UK, so November 5th is Bonfire Night for us on this little island. Halloween finished a few days ago, and the fireworks took flight soon after.

You get some shooting up here and there every night until November 5th when the entire night sky explodes with light. Something rockets up from nearly every back garden. Stars and sparkles burst high overhead. Rockets whizz, and wheels hiss and spin. And the colours outshine anything you’ll find on an artist’s palette. I love the glittery greens and reds as much as the glowing yellows and whites.

But you know what I love most about the night?

I love gathering with others around the warmth of a flickering bonfire, with a cool beer in one hand and fluffy marshmallows to toast in the other.

Sometimes we bake potatoes too.

Bonfire potatoes. Have you tried them?

If you haven’t, here’s the recipe. Grab plenty of thick-skinned baking potatoes. Wrap them in layers of foil and then stick them near the heart of the fire beneath the hot wood. Give them near an hour to bake all soft and tender. Then when they’re ready, load them up with melted cheese, or tangy coleslaw, or even yummy hot chilly. Instant jacket potatoes to die for.

Okay. Now I’m hungry.

But before I go stuff my face, I’d like to wish you a fantastic Bonfire Night.