What’s your morning like?

Do you wake up and dress for work? Feed the cat, the dog, the gerbil? Even the kids? Then maybe you’re out the door, giving your significant other a peck on the cheek along the way.

Same show, different day?

Then some time during this endless treadmill of a day you inexplicably feel all alone.

Strange, isn’t it?

You’re surrounded by a whole bunch of humans in real life and on screen, more ‘friends’ than you know what to do with, but every time you disengage, you feel you’re the only one who truly sees you.

Some people may try to convince you what you’re feeling is wrong.

“How can you be lonely? Don’t complain, because there are always others on this planet who feel worse than you. Ever heard of DEPRESSION?”

But they’re speaking from their guilt. Because sometimes they’re lonely too and don’t know what to do when all the usual distractions stop working.

But here’s something you forgot.

The sun came up today. And you know what? It shines just for you.

Who’s to say it doesn’t? Life is what you believe it is, and if you believe the sun is there in the sky smiling just for you, then it is. And life just became that little bit less lonely.

So next time, stop. Take a moment and feel that sunshine on your cheeks and say ‘Hi’ to your bright friend in the sky. The clouds may hide it from time to time. But they can’t destroy it. Just like life may hide your light from time to time, but it can’t destroy it, unless you let it.

No questions. No judgement. The sun will shine on you no matter who you think you are, or are not. Because it accepts you just as you are, happy or sad.

So pause a while and think about that… I mean really think about that, and accept yourself just as you are too.