Creativity. You either have it or you don’t. Right?


Guess what. We’re all creative, maybe in different ways, but we’re all creative.

Think about creativity for a moment. You can create a house. You can create a bonnet for a baby. Sure the mechanics of reaching the end product are different, but both house and bonnet sprang from an idea, and both ideas are beautiful.

We all have wonderful ideas. And don’t let anyone judge them as big or small. If it evokes passion in you, then it’s a wonderful idea.

The problem is in execution.

Maybe on some planet, in a galaxy far far away, you could have an idea and BOOM, the thing manifests before your eyes. Can you imagine the size of the chocolate castle I’d build for myself? And it would never ever melt.

Then again thank your lucky stars our world isn’t like that. Otherwise you’ll get people like me covering the earth in indestructible chocolate castles.

So on our lovely planet we have this little thing called EFFORT. And in case you’ve never heard of it, it means rolling up your mental or physical sleeves and getting to work making your idea come to life. The idea alone isn’t enough.

Now here’s where I feel people go wrong. When they praise creativity, they’re looking at just the idea part. They miss the roll-up-your-sleeves part. Well, one doesn’t work without the other. Idea and effort. Two halves of the creativity coin.

Now we come to the big block.

There’s this wall that slams into place between the idea half and the effort half. It’s what gave rise to the myth that people are born creative. Guess what this wall is.


It’s a nasty little beastie that one. You get a wonderful idea, then you immediately doubt yourself, and you push away the effort of bringing your idea to life. And don’t tell me you’re just being lazy, because laziness is often self-doubt in disguise.

I’ve done this so many times.

Awesome idea. Beat myself over the head. Can’t create.

And then you become convinced you’re not creative.

So here’s the truth.

You are creative. Extremely so.

And your creativity is unique to you. It will show no matter if you’re pouring that energy into creating a teapot, a mega-structure, a story, or even words that lift another person’s spirit. Big or small is irrelevant. And it’s all our individual creativity combined that makes life beautiful.

If you’ve struggled to express yourself so far, know you’re not alone. Realise it’s self-doubt and then jumpstart your sleeping creativity with something tiny.

For me it was a hundred words or so. I’d always wanted to write but never had the courage to show my words to others. So one day I let someone I trust read my writing, and surprise, surprise, the world didn’t explode around me. Eventually I put my words on the internet for everyone to read and… well, you can guess the rest.

But it took me a good number of years to do all this because my self-doubt was heavy and shifted slowly.

So even if you feel a little crushed right now, keep creating those little things.

Don’t give up. Before you know it you’ll once again be the TRUE creator you are.