Things happen that sometimes rock our world, and not always in a good way.

Surprises, nice or nasty, have a habit of sneaking up on us. That’s why they’re called surprises, right?

No surprise there 🙂

(Sorry. Couldn’t help it)

But back to the thing I’m rambling about today: those moments when everything goes KABOOM inside you, leaving you reeling. How do you handle those moments?

Not easy, is it?

Most of us grasp for some understanding, some touch of human comfort. And we’re lucky if we have others around to spill our fears to.

But not all of us have that. For many of us, things go wrong and the only comforting face we see is the one in the mirror. Often that familiar face is more scathing than comforting.

Even if we have others around, they can’t be with us all the time. They have their own lives, their own worries, their own priorities. No matter how loving or close a relationship is, there comes a time when it’s just us alone with our fears.

It’s hard to reach those depths. You end up arranging a date with a cookie jar or pot of ice cream (vanilla-toffee, yay!) in front of the TV just to forget life for a while.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I’ve done it plenty of times, and it’s great for zoning out from whatever sticky situation is poking you in that moment. But it’s a temporary fix. I’d have loved it if as soon as I stuck my hand in the jar, pulled out a cookie and chomped into it, whatever crappy bleep that was messing up my life was magically nuked on the spot.

But alas it’s not to be.

The cookies magically disappear and the crappy bleep stays.

There are so many things in our lives and in the world we can’t control or change. And the future can look bleak. But just for a moment, take a step back and remember there is one thing you can control.

You can control YOU.

And when you take control of yourself, the things outside will no longer affect you the same as before.

So take a deep breath.

And another.

And reach for that centre of calm inside you.

You may think you don’t have it, but it’s just hidden. And sometimes it’s hidden so well beneath all the anxiety and fear that you’ll need your extra big shovel called ‘determination’ to dig it out. But it’s there.

It’s always there.

So reach for it now. You have the ability to.

Humour me for a moment. Close your eyes and let the outside world drop away. Find yourself. Find the real you, not the person others see you as. Don’t use their labels for yourself. Instead, feel out that pure spark inside you. The spark that shows you everything you can be.

This is you.

This is your calm centre.

And this is all that matters.

The more you reach for this calmness, the less the world can batter you. And over the next few days you’ll start seeing the peace I’m talking about.

So when things go wrong, and you feel alone and you feel helpless, remember the calm strength that’s always inside you. Reach for it and you’ll be strong again.