Never Too Late Book

Ever visited Appleby?

It’s a sleepy English village with golden thatched cottages and glorious climbing roses. Life is simple, if a little predictable, and perhaps the most exciting thing to happen is the butcher running off with the village baker’s wife.

Wait… Did he really? Or is that another overeager tidbit from the rampant gossip mill? You can never tell in Appleby.

Along with the juicy gossip, what sets Appleby apart are the juicy apples.

The village in the story grew out of my love for fruit trees. Heaven for me would be a fruit orchard, so it made sense to have a cozy village with an apple tree around every corner.

It’s the perfect place to spend a sunny autumn day.

It’s also the perfect place to fall in love.

Now there’s something magical about falling in love in an apple orchard. It’s a poetic image, don’t you agree? And that’s why I couldn’t resist including *that* scene in the story. You’ll know which scene when you flick through the book.

But I think the best part of falling in love is the push and pull that goes with it. The more intense the better. And for me that’s what made Molly and Jake’s story so exciting to write.

In ‘Never Too Late’ two people from opposite worlds came together and the tension between them was off the charts. Village girl Molly and city billionaire Jake had to meet in the middle or they’d implode with the impossibility of it all.

My journey with Molly and Jake while I was writing their story was one I’ll never forget. And now whenever I think of Appleby, I can’t imagine it without Molly and Jake and all the quirky villagers I met there.