Only You Book

Grape vines in the city. What a surprise.

When I think of vineyards, I think of the green and gold fields of France. Sure you can find vineyards in sunny California and Australia and other places, but Lilayni’s home country of France is the first place that springs to my mind.

And that’s why I was so surprised to find grapevines flourishing on the balconies and terraces of Manhattan. And they’re not weedy, spindly things that barely hold a leaf let alone a grape. No, these are bulging green monsters, the plant version of the Incredible Hulk, and they’re bursting with fat bunches of red and purple juiciness.

But it was perfect.

Because Damon, being the hard-headed city rat he is, wouldn’t allow his and Lilayni’s story to take place anywhere else but in Manhattan. If I’d tried to drag him back to Appleby Village in England or even to Lilayni’s French Riviera, he’d have told me to take a flying leap. So Lilayni had to corner him in Manhattan.

That had me feeling sorry for her. Because although she loves Manhattan, I didn’t want her missing France too much. So the grapevines in the heart of the city turned into a little touch of home for her in ‘Only You’.

It wasn’t entirely my idea though. It was something Damon did for her back when their relationship was perfect, just before Bruno messed them up. And I think Damon keeping those grapevines says more about his love for Lilayni than words can.

So next time you pass those high-rise penthouses in Manhattan, remember the secret grapevines they’re sure to have tucked away up there. And know there might be a special love story blossoming through each one.