Love is Purple Book

Music and Magic.

Two of my favourite things came together in ‘Love is Purple’. There’s music that calls to the soul, and magic that plays with it.

But I know what you’re saying: music is real, magic is not. I beg to differ.

Remember the shiver deep in your spine when you feel something wonderful is about to happen? That’s magic.

I’m sure Sophie felt that shiver in the moments before she bumped into Marc in the old church corridor. Though she probably didn’t recognise it, probably even dismissed it.

We overlook such magical feelings, don’t we? We feel the shivers music evokes but we miss the quieter whisper of the magic surrounding us. We miss jewels such as the rightness in the first smile from a soulmate or in the first brush of their hand. In our loud, distracted, and busy world, it’s easy to lose touch with the magic that binds us all.

Luckily though, magic is a determined little beast, especially when it’s playing Cupid and making us fall in love. And so it will linger along the edges of awareness, waiting for another chance to make us sit up and take notice. We call it ‘falling in love’ but it is magic whispering in our ear about how perfect the person before us is.

Like a sneaky symphony it starts low, setting our spines tingling and our hearts fluttering. Then it rises and swells, and before we know it every fibre in our body is thumping out a rhythm as old as time. We’re in love.

Music and magic. Magic and music.

Two halves of the same heart.

And in Sophie and Marc’s story it was fun watching music and magic weave an enchanted net that bound these two lovers together.