Let’s go vintage!

Rave down the place with the Roaring Twenties and Great Gatsby fever.

I’m talking old school glamour with silk beaded flapper dresses, feathers and pearls and glittering diamonds. Such a fantastic time, right? At least in the jazz and fashion sense.

I’ve always loved the romantic version of the 1920s. So it made sense that when I finally found time to write the train journey romance I’ve been planning that I soak it in the Roaring Twenties vibe.

And so Love Express came to be.

It’s a modern romance that takes place in our times, but as soon as you step aboard the train everything is glorious art deco. And it reached outside the train too with the colours and gold and lights showing up in the Christmas towns nestled in the snowy mountains.

I must have revelled in the twenties glamour too much while writing because even my hero and heroine turned out to have a flavour of the era. I didn’t plan it that way, but I was more than happy with the result.

Darren is very much a 1920s man, headstrong and opinionated, but tempering everything with a dash of culture. And Moira, I love Moira. She’s sweet and feminine but strong enough to walk out on a loveless marriage even when it meant returning to a life of poverty.

These two sparked so much when they came together, and as a writer I loved taking that once-in-a-lifetime-journey with them. Theirs is a second-chance romance and I’m a huge sucker for that type of story.

So here’s to the Roaring Twenties and the magic of it in our modern times. Let’s have more of it. Because life should be as magical as we can make it.