Love Express Book by Alyssia Leon

Love Express

Moira & Darren

She’d once been the princess of London’s high society, but suddenly she was penniless Cinderella again.

Moira Stanley has lost it all: her status, her marriage, her one and only true love. Now heartbroken and alone at Christmas, she has no choice but to accept a stranger’s offer of help and flee to Venice.

But cruel fate isn’t finished with her just yet.

The powerful man it throws her with on the train to Venice holds a grudge from the past. He’s not one to forgive being made a fool of, and Moira finds herself pulled into a deliberate web of seduction that threatens to destroy her.

Her broken heart hangs in the balance.

Do second chances really exist, or is this all just his ruthless game of revenge?

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard the Love Express.

STANDALONE Contemporary Romance | London Billionaires Book 2

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Five StarsMoira leaves her husband with only a note saying “it’s over,” scrapes together a tiny amount of money and a few possessions and tries to leave her old life behind. Your heart wants to break for her, as she finds herself virtually penniless and alone right before Christmas. I really enjoyed this story and the rekindling of the romance between Moira and Darren. (Amazon US, January 08, 2017)

Five StarsIt is well written and edited. The characters are easy to fall in love with and well developed. It is a sweet and elegant story that I could not put down. (Amazon US, January 07, 2017)

Five StarsLoved everything about this book,the storyline, characters.It was so well written,I wish it had more chapters. (Goodreads, January 07, 2017)

Love Express Book by Alyssia Leon


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