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Be Mine Book by Alyssia Leon

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Be Mine Book by Alyssia Leon

Aurora & Nathan

She’s loved him forever. But he wants her for just one night.

Aurora Willis has loved Nathan since she was a teenager. But he barely noticed her. Now twenty-two and still a virgin, Aurora is desperate to ditch her hopeless feelings for him and finally find true love of her own.

Billionaire Nathaniel Travers is riding high on fame, glory, and more female attention than he wants. He left Aurora behind in his past years ago. But when an accident leaves him helpless, she’s the only person he can turn to.

Just when Aurora is about to leap into a new love, Nathan comes crashing back into her life, stoking all the fire buried inside her. And he’s been keeping a secret of his own, but it has nothing to do with love.

Is Aurora ready to sacrifice her heart, her future, everything to be his for just one night?

STANDALONE Contemporary Romance | London Billionaires Book 1

Full-length novel: 358 print pages.

Five StarsHas a fantastic storyline with awesome characters. You will love this scorching hot, sweet, touching and exciting Romance! This is a must read book!.(Amazon US August 31, 2016)

Five StarsA great romance. A story I could get comfy with and I really loved the valentine’s theme. It took me a little while to warm up to Nathan because he was quite hard on Aura at times. But it was nice to see how he changed along the way. I’m glad Nathan was finally able to see his father for what he was. Aura is sweet. A really easy character to connect with. I loved the tension mixed with the lighter parts. Overall a good easy light read, steamy in places, with a lovely sweet emotional ending.(Kobo, August 10, 2016)

Five StarsSuch a great read folks!! I loved the length of this book it was perfect. Not too long but just enough to get the great story out! This was the first book I’ve ever read from Alyssia Leon but, surely not my last! If your looking for a great romance with a great happy ending this is the book for you….
I can’t wait to read another of her books! I will most surely be reading another one of her books, she’s a great author.
(Goodreads, June 14, 2017)

Be Mine Book by Alyssia Leon

Goddamn, you feel so good…

Nathan looked menacingly sexy in just his jeans. But his dark hair was wild, and his eyebrows were drawn together in a fierce frown. Aura gulped and fought the urge to step back into the safety of the bathroom, slam the door shut and lock it once again.

His frown deepened. “Are you hurt?”

Only her heart. “I’m fine.” She looked pointedly at his hands gripping her shoulders. “Now if you’ll let me pass?”

Something flashed in his eyes. “Hell, Aura, don’t hide from me.” And grasping the little towel covering her, he pulled it apart to expose her naked body to his gaze.

“Nathan!” She grabbed for the towel, but he let it fall to the ground and clamped strong hands on her shoulders again, holding her still.

“I need to know you’re not bruised,” he muttered, and his gaze travelled over her rapidly heating skin, taking in her swollen breasts and hard nipples standing to attention for him.

Burning with embarrassment, she pressed her thighs together. Please don’t let him guess it was to hide the wetness pooling there. The way he was devouring her with his eyes like he wanted to thrust deep into her again, had her stomach turning somersaults.

She shifted nervously on her feet. “Please, Nathan…”

His eyes snapped back to her face, his irises dark and smoky, and her breath caught in her throat.

He was going to kiss her.

And she wanted him to. . .

Be Mine Book by Alyssia Leon

Bonus Epilogue

I wrote this bonus epilogue for ‘Be Mine’ as a thank you gift for my subscribers.

It was written exactly one year after I first published ‘Be Mine’. I originally intended for it to be a short epilogue, but the new story with its twists and turns took over, and I ended up with a fifteen-thousand-word novella.

Just like the original ‘Be Mine’ novel, this bonus is free for all my subscribers.

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