Only You Book by Alyssia Leon

Only You

(Lilayni & Damon)
Appleby Book 2

She made one fatal mistake and lost him.

Lilayni Perrot is in Manhattan on a mission to win back the man she loves… at any cost.

But billionaire Damon Solarin won’t be won back. He comes from a gritty past, and his trust once lost is lost forever. He knows an empty promise of love when he hears it. Lilayni left him once. She shouldn’t have returned. Now he’s determined to have his revenge. Love be damned.

And more disaster lurks around the corner for Lilayni. The nemesis that tore her and Damon apart isn’t finished with her. There’s a heavy price to pay, and she’ll be the one to pay it.

Threats and secrets threaten to destroy Damon and her once again, this time forever. Lilayni has only one chance to convince an unyielding Damon of her love, but her time is running out fast.

STANDALONE Contemporary Romance | Appleby Book 2

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Five StarsI liked the twists I didn’t see coming in this one. I was glad to see a peek in to the others (Molly and Jake). I really loved the ending and epilogue.(Amazon US, September 05, 2016)

Five StarsIt is a fantastic romantic book with a lot of action not once did I get bored. So much was happening I will highly recommend it.(Amazon US, August 28, 2016)

Five StarsFrom page one your hooked in and just cant help fighting alongside Lilayni. Its very intense lots of twists and turns that leave you grasping each turn of the page. Very well written and very descriptive transporting you into the story.(Goodreads, September 03, 2016)

Four StarsI enjoyed book #2 in this series. It was well written and edited. The main characters were easy to fall in love with, and they had great chemistry.(Goodreads, September 09, 2016)

Only You Book by Alyssia Leon


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