Contemporary Romance Novels

Each book is a STANDALONE romance with a different couple, setting, and story line.
Happy ever after guaranteed.

The books are arranged below in series reading order.

Never Too Late Book by Alyssia Leon
(Molly & Jake)
Appleby Book 1

Village girl Molly King must quickly mend her broken heart or perish. But with sexy billionaire Jake Hennessy threatening both her heart and her home, she’s about to lose everything she has left in the world.

Only You Book by Alyssia Leon
(Lilayni & Damon)
Appleby Book 2

Lilayni Perrot is determined to win back the man she loves. But steely billionaire Damon Solarin never forgives and won’t be won back. A vicious nemesis and a beautiful rival threaten from the shadows. Can Lilayni convince Damon of her love before her time with him runs out forever?

Love is Purple Book by Alyssia Leon
(Sophie & Marc)
Appleby Book 3

No man has ever chosen Sophie Harrington. Then one day fate throws the hottest man ever at her. But wealthy Marc Lewis needs a wife. A duchess or countess will do, but village girl Sophie will not. Can Sophie win him for a lifetime rather than just a few nights?