Love is Purple

Untamed Bonus One

Love is Purple Book by Alyssia Leon

You can’t tame a wild stallion. So don’t even try.

And that’s what some men are like. They don’t give an inch, and no one can tame them.

You can try all the tricks in the book to get them, but they’ll see through it every time. The only way to reach their heart is to find their weakness. And they always have one.

For Marc in ‘Love is Purple’ it’s music.

He probably doesn’t see this as a weakness, or more likely doesn’t want to admit it is. But it’s the language of his soul and the one open door to his heart.

Not just any music though. It has to hit the right notes. It has to resonate. It has to be so clear and undeniable that though his mind fights tooth and nail, his heart can’t deny it.

Sophie didn’t know it when she arrived at Ashgrove, but she possessed the only weapon capable of bringing this unyielding man to his knees.

But he didn’t make it easy for her.

Marc has so much power inside him, so much determination, and he’d turned it all against his past. He’d let anger and the need for revenge fuel him, and he’d charted an unalterable direction for his life. Nothing was allowed to stand in his way. Not even Sophie.

And for a while, all Sophie could do was hold on and hope to not be flung aside during her wild journey with him.

Love is Purple Book by Alyssia Leon

For me, the horse and carriage scene in ‘Love is Purple’ epitomised this aspect of Marc and Sophie’s relationship.

On the surface it looked so hopeless. The proud stallion was set in its flight and there was no way she could calm it.

But things weren’t so simple beneath the surface. Sophie had fallen in love with Marc, and love has a way of making us stronger than we believe ourselves to be. She was ready to step out of her shell for him and try again. And again. She wouldn’t let him forget everything they’d been together. And I think it’s this quiet strength of Sophie’s that finally broke through Marc’s defences.

Her strength and her music provided the wake-up call he needed in his life.

But still, the journey it took to tame that wild stallion was intense and intriguing. And I don’t think either Marc or Sophie would argue with that.


A Special Person Bonus Two

Love is Purple Book by Alyssia Leon

Sometimes the music of our soul belongs to just one special person.

Sometimes what others see as silence is just our heart waiting to speak to the right one.

And that silence in Sophie was misleading when I first met her in ‘Never Too Late’ (Molly and Jake’s story). I classed her then as the mousiest village mouse I’d ever set eyes on.

But it turned out I was wrong.

I just needed to know her better.

Because the outside she shows the world is a cover. She surrounds herself with music or something to do with music. And given the choice, she’d rather sit and play the piano than hold forth in brilliant conversation. Sophie lives in her own musical world, and I suspect much of what I took as mousy quietness came from letting her music speak for her.

But inside, she has a heart of steel. She’ll protect those dear to her; she won’t hesitate to speak up on their behalf, and she’ll even face down thugs if it means keeping a loved one safe.

And with the right man, she’s ready to love fully. But this is her downfall, because when she loves she gives her heart completely, just like she gives her music. And just like music, a heart isn’t always returned in equal measure.

Love is Purple Book by Alyssia Leon

Another thing I discovered as I wrote Sophie’s story in ‘Love is Purple’ was how her music didn’t actually belong in Appleby.

I feel each place has its own special music, a particular feel, a unique sound, an accepted way of being. And the people living there tend to fit their place like the right notes strung in rhythm on a musical stave.

But Sophie didn’t fit Appleby. And it wasn’t until I met Marc that I realised her music fitted Ashgrove, his home.

Neither of them realised this though because their connection happened deeper than thought. Sophie blossomed whenever she was with Marc, and he kept being irresistibly drawn back to her from wherever he might be.

This push and pull between Sophie and Marc, woven through with music and magic, was fascinating to watch.

I know Marc had plans of his own. And those plans didn’t include Sophie. But with his soul’s music in the air, and magic working double time behind the scenes, there was no way he was going to outrun the call of his heart.

It was fun watching him try though.


Magical Orchids Bonus Three

Love is Purple by Alyssia Leon

Watch out for magical man-catching orchids. They might land you with your very own hunk and happy ever after if you’re not careful.

And if you’re anything like Sophie in ‘Love is Purple’ and you pooh-pooh the whole idea of magic when it comes to falling in love, then those purple orchids will have it in for you big time. You might even end up with a rich hunk who owns a ginormous manor house in the beautiful English countryside.

So stay on guard.

You may think I’m exaggerating. After all who doesn’t want a bona fide hunk of their own? But the trouble with those pesky flowers isn’t so much the ‘falling in love’ part, it’s their sneaky delight in making sure the path of true love never runs smooth.

In fact, smooth is an insult to all magical orchids everywhere. You need a mountain and several potholes along that road of love. And those flowers will even throw a ravine in for good measure.

So maybe Sophie was right in giving the orchids a wide berth.

But hey, this is ‘true love’ we’re talking about. The path may be rocky, but you know the other well-worn saying: true love always wins the day. Luckily for Sophie, it won the day for her too.

I’m not sure though I’d credit the orchids with that win. I’m more inclined to believe it was the music in Sophie’s heart that spoke to the music in Marc’s, and that it was this music that ultimately healed each other’s souls, not magical flowers.

Yes, the path was rocky with panicky mothers and matchmaking busy bodies, and club-wielding thugs and entitled heiresses. And yes, there were several times I was glad to not be in Sophie’s shoes.

But to reach the happy end with her and Marc after all that was a true joy.

Love is Purple Book by Alyssia Leon

So remember my advice. Stay away from magical orchids.

But if you’re the stubborn curious type who just has to learn from experience, well then…

Gird your loins, close your eyes, and hang on for dear life because you’re in for one hairy ride.

At least until you reach your own sweet happy ever after.

And whatever you do, don’t say I didn’t warn you.




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