Only You Book by Alyssia Leon


Short story based on a flashback scene from ONLY YOU (the second novel in my APPLEBY series).

It’s the story of how Lilayni and Damon first got together.

6000 words

Enjoy 😀

Only You Book by Alyssia Leon


What do you do when the man you crave treats you like his best friend’s little sister—young, naive, and untouchable?

And she wasn’t little, not at twenty-four. She wasn’t Jake’s sister either. Cousin. She was Jake’s cousin, and still not little. Lilayni Perrot scowled out of the four-by-four’s passenger window as it pulled into the ski chalet’s front drive.

The driver killed the engine. “A minute, mademoiselle,” he said hastily, probably not wanting to be on the other end of her scowl. And hopping out of the vehicle, he hurried around to her side and opened her door.

Lilayni pulled herself together. It wasn’t the poor guy’s fault she was in a ratty mood tonight. “Merci.” She thanked him with a smile as he helped her down onto the snow-cleared courtyard.

The white peaks of the French Alps rose behind the modern chalet like monuments to the cold. The crisp December air prickled her skin and pierced the fur wrap she’d thrown over her gold lace dress. Lilayni tugged the short wrap tighter around herself. She hadn’t even wanted to come to this party, had instead planned for a quiet Christmas at home in the Riviera, and had turned down Jake’s invite. But then he’d casually dropped the news that Damon would also be here tonight…

“Mademoiselle Perrot, Bonsoir.” Jake’s butler had arrived at the chalet door and now held it open for her.

“Bonsoir, Allende,” she greeted him breezily, and despite her towering heels, confidently walked the short distance to the door across the ice-kissed ground. She’d normally have been more practical in weather like this and cut the heels down an inch or two, but she’d needed all the advantage she could get tonight, and the higher the heels, the better they showed off her long legs and curvy bottom in her figure-hugging dress.

The butler had known her for years, but even he couldn’t hide the flicker of appreciation in his wrinkle-edged eyes. But he hastily covered his stumble from protocol and launched into animated chatter in French about the party raging upstairs.

Lilayni pretended not to have noticed his faux pas and joined in his light conversation. The melodic French words flowed from her like fluent water. She knew the effect she had on men—beautiful features; emerald-green eyes; and long, wine-red hair were a striking combination. But the killer shot was the smile she’d been blessed with. It could fell any man. Except… Damon Solarin.

“I am the last to arrive, non?” she asked in English as she slipped off her fur wrap in the warm foyer.

“But you have missed little, mademoiselle,” the butler said, taking her wrap. “And Monsieur Hennessy is eagerly awaiting you.”

Of course, Jake would be waiting; he’d connived like a mad man to bring her and Damon together tonight and would be more than keen to see how it all played out. And to think, she’d tried like crazy to keep her desire for Damon a secret from the world. Apparently, she’d done a crappy job. It seemed Damon was the only one blind to her desperation. Lilayni mused it over. Maybe she should thank her cousin for helping her out tonight, but then again, Jake was already too big-headed for his own good.

Besides, Jake hadn’t thrown this pre-Christmas party for her benefit. It was a yearly thing for him. And the world’s glitterati always made a beeline for it knowing it would be stuffed to the brim with wealthy men, young and old, many of them eligible. In fact, Chateau Blanc, this exclusive French mountain resort, was purely a billionaires’ playground. She usually avoided this place and its glitz and glam, but Jake had phoned her last night and said Damon had suddenly decided to come this year.

And as she followed the butler up the carved stone steps towards the music, Lilayni could only wonder why Damon had changed his mind about tonight. He was so party-phobic unless it had a scope of landing him a good business deal. What had Jake told him?

The butler showed her into the large reception room, which from one end to the other was decked in gold and silver Christmas finery. Glasses of champagne sparkled on trays being expertly balanced by uniformed servers as they weaved in and out of the throng of finely dressed guests. Lilayni recognized many people on sight, the men anyway. She knew them or had heard of them in the business world. Most of them were sharks out there in the real world but lounge lizards here in this more relaxed atmosphere. And without fail, each man had a beautiful glittering woman—or two, or more—by his side.

Several eyes turned in her direction as she entered the room, the male ones appreciative. She took in their admiring looks with little care. There was only one man she wanted tonight.

“Hey, gorgeous.” Jake was all smiles as he approached her.

Lilayni regarded her handsome older cousin. In his beige trousers and fitted white shirt with the sleeves nonchalantly rolled up to the elbow, he looked way too casual for his role as host. His longish blond hair was ruffled, and his carefree, boyish grin made him seem much younger than his twenty-nine years. The same age as Damon, and just one among the many reasons Jake and Damon were hand in glove and closer than blood brothers.

“You look stunning.” His amber-eyed gaze swept over her gold dress and the silky flow of her auburn hair down her shoulders and back. And leaning in, he kissed her cheek then winked. “Damon won’t be looking anywhere else tonight.”

Lilayni’s cheeks blazed. “Why would I care where he looks?”

“For the same reason you care he’s here.” Jake’s grin widened. “I’ll take you to him, shall I?”

“Non, merci.” She flicked dismissive fingers in his direction. She couldn’t face Damon with Jake hovering in the background. “I am quite fine on my own, and your friends are getting restless without you.”

Jake glanced back at the small gaggle of women he’d left behind to join her. They whispered among themselves and smiled enticingly when they realized they’d caught his attention again. “The perils of being the host,” he murmured in amusement. “Bonne chance, Lilayni,” he said with another grin. “Though I think it’s Damon who’ll need it.” And he sauntered back to the women who could barely contain their excitement at getting him back.

Lilayni rolled her eyes at their giggly enthusiasm. Hopefully, she didn’t look that desperate, but actually, for Damon she was. Luckily though, she hid it better.

But her nerves still zinged with anticipation as she wandered deeper into the decked-out reception room. And stomach fluttering, she scanned the couples and groups of people idling around. But she couldn’t find Damon.

He had to be here somewhere.

Damon Solarin wasn’t a man to blend into any crowd. With his looks and powerful build, he outclassed anyone who stood with him. He was impossible to miss. And with every passing moment, her anxiety at not seeing him grew.

A few men turned and smiled their recognition of her as she passed, but Lilayni gave them a quick nod of acknowledgement and hurried on. She was in no mood to stop and talk.

A young server appeared beside her with a tray laden with bubbly champagne.

“Merci,” Lilayni murmured and distractedly picking up a glass, sipped the golden liquid. Ah, champagne. Maybe she shouldn’t have taken it. She was extra-sensitive to champagne. A nice red wine she could handle no problem, but champagne after a glass or two was like a sparkling sledgehammer to her senses.

Oh, what the hell…

She took another sip, and the fizzy liquid seemed to soothe her strained nerves. Maybe champagne was exactly what she needed tonight.

And on her third sip she saw him.


Damon was standing out on the steel and glass balcony, near a glowing space heater, and surrounded by preening women as keen to capture a billionaire’s fleeting attention as Jake’s collection had been. The moonlit mountain peaks in the background framed his tall broad-shouldered figure, and his plain grey suit, dark skin and light-copper eyes were a stark contrast to the butterfly colours of the women around him. But what made Lilayni pause was the relaxed amusement softening his handsome features as his gaze flicked from one woman to the next. Was he checking them out? Choosing which one to invite back to his chalet tonight?

And it seemed the women knew this game well too. They were subtly stepping over one another, positioning themselves as the one to lock down his interest. Lilayni’s spirits plummeted as the prettiest of them, a lithe blonde, talked her way right to his side. Damon laughed at what she said and slipped his arm around her waist, keeping her close

Lilayni took another bracing gulp of her champagne.

All right.

She’d known this might turn into a battle. Well, she could damn well out-flirt any of those amateurs. And squaring her shoulders, she marched towards the group.

“Hey, Lilayni…”

The lazy drawl behind her made her stop in her tracks and turn. “Bonsoir..?” she said a little hesitantly to the brown-haired, sharply dressed man approaching her.

His boyishly good-looking face creased in a wry grimace. “You don’t remember me. Evan Carmichael. We met in London.”

“Ah, oui. Evan.” Evan Carmichael, nephew to a duke and something like thirtieth in line to the throne of England. He’d made sure she’d known that little fact about him when they’d met six months ago at a society wedding in London.

“I’d hoped to see you again. Maybe get together like you promised.” His tone was slightly accusing as he came and leaned against the wall near her.

She hadn’t promised. “I am so sorry. I have been busy in Manhattan. You will forgive me, non?” And she flashed her sweetest smile.

And this was always her problem. Charm came effortlessly to her, and the men fell for it, but then they inevitably crashed down to a disgruntled reality when they realized she had no intention of going all the way with any of them, or even halfway.

But luckily her smile worked on Evan again, and he grinned back. “I could never hold it against you. But I’ll call it even if you’ll dance with me.” He indicated the far end of the long reception room. The light was softer there, and a few couples were getting close and intimate as they swayed to the music.

“Ah, but that is a delight for later, non?” Lilayni said, and she stepped closer and rested her fingers on his chest. “You would not like to sweep me off my feet so soon, I think.”

“Man, I’d sweep you off anytime…”

She laughed. “With so much choice? I believe not.” She nodded towards a decorated Christmas tree where two women stood, watching her and Evan with interest. “Do you know them?”

Evan glanced at the women, and they immediately gave him come-hither smiles. “Yeah… I know them,” he said.

“Then I will not keep you.” And she walked away before he could stop her.

Evan had been a piece of cake. If only it would be as easy to get a reaction out of Damon. But in all the years she’d known him, her smiles—her only weapon—had never even seemed to scratch him.

But she wasn’t one to give up.

And she made her determined way towards the balcony.

Too much noise. Too many useless people. And too much unwanted chatter that had nothing to do with business and everything to do with getting laid.

Restlessness gripped Damon, but he hid it behind a practiced mask of cool. It was an effort though as time slipped by. He’d only come to this damn party because of Jake’s promise of one thing… one person being here.

“You must come to the Francis Art Exhibition next time you’re in Paris.” Naomi, the pretty blonde who’d proved to be the most determined of the women hemming him, dropped that plea with a charming pout and a flutter of her thick lashes.

Damon regarded her. He only had to click his fingers, and she’d jump at the chance to be his ‘guest’ tonight at his chalet; any of these women would. Heck, all of them. That knowledge though didn’t raise even a half interest in him. Maybe if he played along with the flirting, his mood might change? “Art’s too dry,” he drawled. “What else would I find at this exhibition?”

“You’d find anything you want,” Naomi purred, pressing closer.

“What if I’m too lazy to go chasing to Paris for it?”

“Why go so far when all the pleasure you want could be right here.” Her manicured fingers crept up the lapel of his grey evening suit.

“But pleasure you do not have to chase is such boring pleasure, non?”

Damon glanced up and locked eyes with Lilayni who’d just sashayed out onto the balcony like a fiery goddess. His mouth dried. The woman he’d been waiting for was a vision in a scrap of gold lace with her long legs and sylphlike curves on full show. And the fierce light in her beautiful green eyes made every part of him leap to attention.

Damn! The hell of an effect she had on him. Every single time. It only grew stronger. But she was Jake’s cousin, little sister in all but name, which technically made her off-limits. Though God knew, he ached to get his hands on those luscious curves on more than friendly terms.

But he tempered his raging blood and flashed her a cool smile. “Lilayni. It’s always a pleasure seeing you.”


The blonde snuggling up to Damon threw her a narrow-eyed warning, and Lilayni recognized her at once. Naomi Weber. Supermodel and aspiring actress. Darling of the fashion mags, and tonight obviously looking to sink her fangs into the delicious catch that was Damon.

But it wasn’t Naomi’s thinly veiled hostility or the silent disdain pouring from the other women that irked Lilayni. It was the nonchalant look that Damon was giving her.

When every other man started a conversation with her with flattering words and a keen look, Damon always seemed barely bothered.

His assessing gaze dipped to the champagne flute in her hand. “Champagne, Lilayni? You’re living dangerously today.”

He knew her too well. She was like an open book to him with none of the mystery or surprise that must make other women like Naomi irresistible to him.

Piqued, Lilayni gripped her champagne glass tighter. “If this is dangerous, then you do not know the meaning of the word.” And walking up to him, she edged Naomi out of the way and traced her fingers up Damon’s jacket lapel exactly as the other woman had done moments earlier. “Come with me, and I will show you dangerous.”

Something flared in Damon’s eyes, a mixture of interest and amusement. He switched his hold to her, discarding Naomi. “I like dangerous,” he murmured, and he led her away from the peeved crowd of women.

Yes! She had him! Lilayni could hardly hide her giddy satisfaction as she and Damon left the staring women. She couldn’t believe it. Damon, who’d always brushed off any flirting from her before, was now urging her towards the dance floor and the intimate couples there. Something was very different about him tonight. Something already ‘dangerous’ in the way he’d looked at her. She couldn’t put her finger on it, and a niggling doubt remained that perhaps his words had been a test, an amusing game to see how far she’d go.

Well, he’d see. She intended to go all the way with him tonight.

Damon swung her into his arms as soon as they reached the dance floor. Lilayni gasped her surprise and had to hold on tight to her champagne glass so as not to spill any. But he had the glass out of her hand in the next second. “You won’t need this,” he said. “Not while I’m here.” And signalling a nearby server, he deposited the glass on the young man’s tray.

The music surrounded them, and Lilayni pressed closer to Damon as they moved together. His solid warmth reached through her dress, and his sensual scent caressed her senses, adding to the light-headedness from the champagne. “You should dance more often. You are good at it,” she whispered as they swayed in step.

“Depends on my partner.”

“Then, I am a good fit for you, non?”

His lips curved in a sexy smile. “Are you?”

The playful challenge irked her. “Yes… But perhaps you have not yet noticed.” This time she traced her fingers past his jacket lapel and teasingly undid one button on his white silk shirt.

Damon’s hands skimmed her curves, and cupping her rounded bottom, he pulled her roughly into him. “Be careful what you ask for, Lilayni. You might get it.”

The hard heat and thrust of him made her breath hitch. God! he wasn’t immune to her after all. But suddenly she wavered on the edge of that cliff. Until now, chasing Damon had been like a game; her only aim to make him respond. She hadn’t actually considered that he might want her too. And heart thundering, she paused a second in uncertainty.

Her silence, though, made Damon frown. “I’m wondering if this is you talking or the champagne,” he mused.

“I am not drunk.”

“No? The sweetest girl on Earth suddenly acting the vamp. It doesn’t jive.”

No. No. ‘The sweetest girl on Earth’ was Jake’s cousin and not the red-blooded woman she wanted Damon to finally see her as. He had to see her. “But what if you don’t know the real me?” she asked, quickly reaching up and wrapping her arms around his neck, keeping him in her hold.

“Is that so? Then tell me what you really want, Lilayni.”

“I… I want you.” She cursed the tremble in her voice. Dammit. This wasn’t the time for shyness to wreck her.

“Lilayni…” Damon said softly and dipped his head. Her breath stopped. Was he going to kiss her? Finally? But he stroked her lips with his thumb. “You don’t know what you want,” he murmured.

“Non! I—”

“Damon, this place is for dancing not standing around.” Naomi strutted up to them and with a smirk for Lilayni, edged her out of the way and took her place in Damon’s arms. “Here, let me show you,” she said to him and started moving to the music with him.

Damon gave Lilayni an indecipherable look then without a word fell into step with Naomi. And Lilayni’s heart fell. Her own inexperience had condemned her. And she backed away from where Damon was now dancing with his full attention on Naomi.

Lilayni bit her lip. Suddenly, she wanted out of this damn place. And she turned on her heel and walked straight into the arms of the man approaching her. “Whoa… Hey….” He steadied her, then grinned. “You owe me a dance. Remember?”

Evan. Lilayni cast a quick glance back at Damon. He was watching her and Evan with a slight frown. Satisfaction burned in her, and turning to Evan, she blinded him with her deadliest smile. “I long to dance with you,” she purred.

“Really?” And he beamed like he’d found the keys to heaven. Then not wasting another second, he gathered her to him. “Boy, have I been waiting for this. You know, I’ve plans for us tonight.”

Lilayni’s stomach dropped at his words, and he was holding her tighter than she liked, but she snuck another glance at Damon and revelled in the knowledge that he was still watching them despite Naomi’s best efforts to get back his attention.


Lilayni sent another smile missile Evan’s way. “Tell me about your plans,” she encouraged, swaying closer to him. “They are out of this world, non?”

“Baby, you have no idea. I’ll give you a night you’ll never forget.”

Unlikely. Because he wasn’t Damon. But she didn’t have Damon. And she faced the depressing realization that Evan was all she had right now. She looked back at Damon again, hoping that by now he’d march up to them in a fit of jealousy and demand Evan take his hands off her or else. But Damon seemed to have forgotten her. He whispered in a smiling Naomi’s ear and then hurried her away from the dance floor.

Was he taking Naomi back to his chalet?

Lilayni’s heart hit the floor. Despair clogged her throat, and for a moment she couldn’t breathe. Hope vanished with Damon. She whipped back to Evan before the tears gathered. “Take me back to your place,” she said thickly. “We will have our night to remember.”


Evan had her away from the dance floor in a heartbeat. The fuzzy high from her first glass of champagne was wearing down, and as Evan rushed her past the other party guests, the need for some kind of escape overwhelmed Lilayni. She wanted out of her head for the rest of the night. And grabbing a full glass of champagne from a passing server, she took a deep swig.

Evan gave her an approving grin. “All right. That’s my girl.” Luckily champagne worked fast on her, and she threw him a half-tipsy smile back. He bent to her ear. “I have a surprise for you,” he whispered. “Come on.” And he led her to a group of four men and three women chatting together by the reception room’s doorway. “Lads, we’ve another beauty joining us tonight,” Evan announced to them. “Meet Lilayni.”

And suddenly she was the bullseye of admiring looks from the men and assessing looks from the women. Lilayni took another bracing gulp of champagne.

An orgy.

After months upon months of work-induced celibacy, goddamn was she about to jump in at the deep end. As far as orgies went though, she couldn’t complain. The men facing her were young and good-looking and the women young and beautiful. There likely wasn’t a more surefire way of getting Damon out of her system for good.

But the thought of Damon immediately made these men pale in her eyes. She stepped back from Evan. “It is not my scene,” she said flatly.

His brows knitted in disappointment. “You don’t know if you’ll like it till you try it.”

Lilayni softened her rejection with a smile. “I do not share.”

‘Oooh…’ The sound of challenge along with soft laughter rose from the watching men.

Evan thoughtfully rubbed his chin. “Well… I’m more than happy to oblige.”

But she was in no rush to oblige him. And for a moment Lilayni felt good again as if she’d finally returned to her senses. “Unfortunately, mon cher, you are no longer enough,” she said and turning away, left him standing with his band of cronies.

The champagne was making her legs wobble, but it was also threading her blood with fire. The euphoric effect didn’t last though, and the satisfaction of having ditched Evan disappeared fast. Head spinning from the alcohol, she sought out the comforting straightness of a door frame to lean against.

This part of the reception room was mercifully quieter, and she glanced around in the vague hope of spotting Damon. But he wasn’t there. He must be in Naomi’s arms by now. Lilayni took another dejected gulp of her champagne, and the bubbly fizz on her tongue sent a new streak of defiant rage pulsing through her. She didn’t have to stay at this party and wither away in self-pity. She may not have wanted Evan, but she didn’t have to end this night an old maid. This mountain resort was stuffed with men she didn’t know who were looking for a good night. All she had to do was forget Damon, step out of Jake’s chalet, and…

This time her gulp of champagne held more determination.

“How much did you drink?”

Startled, she swung around to face Damon.

He leaned over her with one hand above her head on the door frame, and the intense look in his eyes was something she couldn’t decipher.

Lilayni’s heart raced as the familiar burning ache at being anywhere near him curled in her core. “Two… no more,” she said, her voice breathy, and her mind struggling to believe that he was really here.

“It doesn’t agree with you, Lilayni.” He took the champagne glass from her hand and set it down on a nearby side table. “And I need you awake and responding tonight.”

“Wh—what do you mean?” Her heart thundered, and before she could stop it, her eager mind jumped to all sorts of places. She drowned in images of the two of them entwined, his naked, rugged body sliding against hers, his thick shaft…

Her cheeks blazed, and she had to stop her gaze from dropping to his trousers.

“I believe a kiss is traditional.” Damon pointed up at the ample mistletoe hanging above them in the doorway.

Lilayni could have kicked herself. Dammit. Hadn’t she learnt that he didn’t see her like that? She was still Jake’s little cousin to him, and now for her, he was just another hunky guy who wanted a simple Christmas kiss. God, Was she this desperate she was still spinning fantasies about him? She needed to forget Damon once and for all and go out and get properly laid after this. But first, get the formalities over with. And with a quick smile, she stretched up on her toes and pressed her lips to his cheek, then pulled back at once, resisting the overwhelming urge to linger. “Merry Christmas.”

“Oh, Lilayni,” he murmured with an amused shake of his head. “I need better than that.” And swooping, he captured her mouth with his.

Her eyes widened in shock as his arms slipped around her and the tip of his tongue pushed against the seam of her lips. Then with a sigh, she opened to him, and closing her eyes, wrapped her arms around his neck. His kiss was all demanding, and he clasped her to him, his tongue stroking hers, exploring her like he’d never get enough. Lilayni thrilled in his possession, the sweetness of him, the strength of him. But too soon, he pulled away and stood staring down at her, his breathing harsh and uneven.

She could only stare back in confusion as she tried to catch her own breath.

“That…” He shook his head as if dazed. Then he grabbed her hand and tugged her away from the door frame and the party raging in the reception room. “Come with me.” It wasn’t a question, and the look in his eyes left no doubt about how this would end between them.

With a gulp, she nodded and let him lead her upstairs.

Damon’s blood roared. He’d waited, watched, expected she’d leave with that fancy idiot, Evan Carmichael. And then while he’d got rid of a clingy Naomi, he’d tried to convince himself that it was Lilayni’s choice who she went with, because she was still off-bounds to him, wasn’t she?

But hell, the way she’d danced with him earlier…

In a weak-arsed moment, he’d blamed it on the champagne. But he’d seen her desire in her eyes, and it had matched the fire that had savaged him for years.

Damon sped his steps. Lilayni didn’t know it, but by turning down Carmichael, she’d sealed her fate. And finding an empty guest bedroom, he pulled her in and locked the door behind them. She stood there against the closed door, staring at him like a doe caught in headlights, the combination of uncertainty and champagne giving her a wide-eyed innocent look.

Damn, she was beautiful like this and… all his.

He shucked off his jacket and closed in.


He had her in his arms and crowded back against the locked door in seconds. Lilayni’s gasp of surprise was lost in Damon’s mouth as he kissed her with a fierce possession that left her trembling in his hold.

“You’re mine now,” he murmured against her trembling lips when he finally broke the kiss.

God, did she want to be anything else? And clasping his face in answer, she pulled him down to her again, her lips frantically finding his.

Damon growled low, and pressing her to the door, kissed her hard. She was trapped against him, totally at his mercy, her only choice to do anything he demanded. And when he pressed an insistent knee between her thighs, she obediently parted her legs. He snatched the space and cupping her bottom, pulled her up against his powerful heat. The hard thrust of him against her sex made Lilayni moan.

“Fuck…” he gritted, tearing his mouth from hers. “Fuck, I want you.”

Fire like she’d never known shot through her. “Oh God, yes…” And clasping her arms around his neck, pushing her body against him, she tried to bring him even closer.

But Damon pulled back, and she cried her loss.

“Strip,” he ordered, tearing at the buttons of his own shirt.

Lilayni kicked off her heels and wiggled out of her gold dress. But her breath caught partway as his muscular body came into full view.

He was magnificent. A dark hunter. And so much more than she’d ever imagined. Her mesmerized gaze remained caught by the tribal black lines of the roaring lion emblazoned across his left chest. She’d never known Damon had a tattoo, but if an image could describe him, this lion was it.

“All of it,” he said, his tone snapping with impatience.

She licked her dry lips and quickly unclipped her bra. His breath escaped in a low hiss as her full breasts swung free. She reached for her panties.

“Not that.” His voice stayed her hands. And coming to her, he knelt in front of her. “That… is mine to take,” he murmured, and he pressed his face to the white lace then pulled the little scrap of cloth down.

His tongue found her sensitive spot, and with a moan she braced herself with both hands on his broad shoulders as his mouth demanded and took.

Pleasure built, and spreading her legs wider for him, she rocked against his mouth, gasping and jumping in surprise when he nipped her swollen clit.

Damon laughed softly at her half-hearted attempt to wriggle out of his iron hold. “No chance, babe. After the way you teased me tonight, you’ll give me fucking everything.” And clasping her to him, he thrust his tongue into her sex in a merciless copy of the real thing.

Lilayni doubled over on a cry, her legs trembling, and her mind awash with the pleasure he was giving her. God, she hadn’t known what she was missing, how much her body had craved this, craved him.

A final thrust of his tongue and a flick of her clit, and he had her arching and crying out as her orgasm ripped all the way through her. But he didn’t give her time to recover, he was up, and discarding the rest of his clothes, had her back in his arms before she’d even caught her breath.

In one move, he lifted her against him and thrust into her, his rigid thickness spreading her sex and staking full claim.

“Oh God, Damon,” she choked as he filled her inch by thick inch. Her muscles clenched against him as her inexperienced body adjusted to something it hadn’t had for so long.

“Hell, you’re tight,” he said through gritted teeth. “So… tight.” And capturing her mouth with his, he seated himself fully in her and then began to move.

Lilayni clung to him, arms around his neck, legs wrapped around him as he thrust in and out of her, going faster and faster with every second. He released her mouth, and her muffled moans finally escaped.

“Come again for me, babe,” he growled in her ear. “I want to feel your heat.” He angled her on him so that his thrusts stroked her sensitive clit.

It was like an electric bolt lancing her. Lilayni cried out as her body shook and her climax built. And before she realized, she’d tipped over the edge of an orgasm so fierce it left her sobbing and clinging to him.

Damon twined his fingers through her hair and holding her tight to him, ploughed into her shattered body until on a shout, his climax pulsed out of him in wave after thick wave.

She didn’t know how he’d got them both into the bed, could only assume he’d carried her there and tucked her in while her mind had been dead to everything. But now in the comfort beneath the sheets, she snuggled against his sweet warmth and rested her head on his chest, her cheek on the black lion tattoo.

“You’re going to sleep?” he asked, lazily threading his fingers through her hair.

“A little. Maybe,” she whispered on a small yawn. Both Damon and the champagne were taking a toll on her, and in the cushiony depths of the bed, she fought to keep her eyes open.

He laughed softly. “Not when I’m around.” And flipping her beneath him, he dipped down, caught one pink nipple in his mouth, and sucked.

Sleep and anything close to it vanished in a blink, and Lilayni moaned and arched up in his arms, her need for him firing up like he’d pushed a button.

Damon released her breast, and glancing up, grinned his satisfaction. “We’ve a lot of catching up to do. You’ll not be sleeping before that.”

She giggled at his smug tone and stroked her fingers across the dark chiselled planes of his face. “You are too greedy.”

“Hell, yes, I am.” He moved up and over her. “It’s been too bloody long,” he murmured, gazing deep into her eyes. “I’ve wanted you since the day I first saw you, years ago, but I had to wait until you were ready.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck. “But I was always ready for you.”

“Yeah, my little tease, I’m starting to realize. So now, you’ve a hell of a lot of time to make up for.” And he caught her mouth in a fiery kiss


She made one fatal mistake and lost him.

Will they ever get their ‘Happy Ever After’?

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Only You Book by Alyssia Leon